Sauce Cartridges

The cannabis derived terpenes found in HTFSE should interact with the cannabinoids in the formula in even more synergistic ways than traditional distillate carts containing plat-derived terpenes.

About sauce cartridges

About sauce cartridges

We believe we’ve developed the perfect formula for live resin cartridges. By incorporating a modest amount of high potency delta-9 THC distillate with extremely high quality HTFSE (also with a significant potency of >50% THC), you get the perfect combination of flavor, smoothness, and potency.

Live Formula



Significant vapor production at low-medium temperature (low temp vaping is optimal with sauce carts to capture the true essence and effect of the cannabis derived terpenes. Sauce catridges include high-quality ceramic atomizer optimized for high viscosity formula

Hardware Models


Sunset Sherbet
Sour Diesel
Jack Walker
Jack Herer
GMO Cookies
Fire OG
Dutch Treat

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