LIVE & CannaStats

CannaStats™ is a web application and product labeling system rooted in the chemovar (batch-specific) nature of the products, and delivers consumers/ end users the above product and chemovar-specific information and the assets/product labels and QR

LIVE® has licensed the cannabis labeling and authentication system CannaStats™ for each product.

Our partnership with CannaStats

LIVE is able to track the distribution patterns of different batches of products and assign products to resellers, creating a geographic community of LIVE Stores, Production and source partners and resellers, and consumers.

CannaStats™ also has created a place for consumers and resellers to locate authorized LIVE product, and a social network where LIVE Product enthusiasts and authorized product users can connect, create and share content and experiences, and participate in community-driven games like the scoring system related to different end user actions, like sharing experiences from using specific LIVE® Products.