GOLD Cartridges Kit

LIVE GOLD Cartridges deliver the best cost / benefit experience currently on the market. Combining top notch distillate, HTFSE, and cannabis derived terpenes, we have created what we believe is the OPTIMAL version of the cannabis vape cartridge.

About gold cartridges

About GOLD cartridges

We combine a refined extract (distillate) with raw cannabis extracts that contain the full cannabinoid and terpene contents of a specific cannabis plant. This mixture maintains a complex range of medicinal cannabis compounds present in certain strains of cannabis plants, enabling targeted medicinal outcomes which can be optimized through proper dosage.

Live Formula



Significant vapor production at low-medium temperature (low temp  vaping is optimal with sauce carts to capture the true essence and effect of the cannabis derived terpenes. High-quality ceramic atomizer optimized for high viscosity formula.

Hardware Models


True OG
Sour Diesel
OG Kush
Northern Lights
Jack Herer
Girl Scout Cookies
Afghan Haze

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